The grand finals of Call of Duty 4 was one of the ultimate showdowns at Mercantile Esports Championship Powered by SLT-Mobitel. It featured a tough and action-packed encounter between GSS Spirit and OIT Azul. Both teams had put forth outstanding performances to make their way into this championship game.

The contest started with both teams showcasing their abilities, but GSS Spirit rapidly took the lead. They had a few more early wins and settled into their approach early, putting OIT Azul on the defensive. OIT Azul attempted a comeback, but GSS Spirit’s strong lead and aggressive approach held them at bay.

GSS Spirit’s advantage only increased as the game went on, and they were able to clinch a well-fought victory against OIT Azul. GSS Spirit has once again shown to be one of the finest teams in the Championship over the last three years, and they are now one step closer to being the MEC’s overall winners for the third consecutive time.