GSS Spirit emerged victorious in the second semi-finals of Call of Duty 4 at the Mercantile Esports Championship Powered by SLT-Mobitel, defeating 99X in a highly contested set of games. The match was intense and closely contested, with both teams displaying exceptional skill and teamwork.

GSS Spirit came out strong in the early game, securing some early points and maintaining a steady lead throughout the matches. 99X put up a strong fight, taking the lead in a few short instances but ultimately could not overcome the gun power and strategy of GSS Spirit.

The victory for GSS Spirit was a well-deserved one, as they had great performances throughout the tournament and showed dominance in the semi-finals match against 99X. The final match is going to be a great showdown between OIT’s Azul, a team that is evenly matched for GSS Spirit and the crowd is eagerly waiting for this final showdown.