The GSS Derby at the Dota 2 grand finals of Mercantile Esports Championship Powered by SLT-Mobitel was a highly anticipated event, with two of the Championship’s best teams competing for gold. Both GSS EZ WIN and GSS Chemical Minds had put up great performances throughout the competition leading up to this derby.

The matches began with both teams demonstrating their abilities, but it soon became evident that GSS EZ Win had the upper hand. They had powerful drafts in almost all match ups and executed their strategy flawlessly, putting GSS Chemical Minds on the defensive for most of the grand finals.

Nonetheless, with no bitter rivalry or end for both teams but a win for the company, the two-time overall champions GSS secured both first and second place for the Dota 2 title, further solidifying their advantage in what appears to be the treble in a longstanding campaign of supremacy at the MEC.