The Women’s Clash Royale championship was crowned at the Mercantile Esports Championship Powered by SLT-Mobitel, which featured an exciting competition amongst some of the best female players at the mercantile level. The event was a show-stopping spectacle.

In the grand finals, TSG’s Mickeyears faced off against Pearson Flufzter. Pearson emerged victorious in a hard-fought match, bringing an end to their campaign in first place and securing the first gold for the company.

The 2021 overall champions, GSS’s Clash Royale player Sulz SE, faced off against Wiley’s FoXy in the match for third place. Wiley’s FoXy was successful in defeating the former champs and claiming the bronze medal.

GSS continues to have a huge lead and is only a few titles away from securing the MEC treble as the MEC moves closer to the conclusion of the championship.