Kaumini ‘PIK4CHU’ Gunashinghe of WSO2 displayed exceptional skill and resilience throughout the valorant tournament of MEC ‘22 Powered by SLT-Mobitel, ultimately securing the top spot in a hard-fought final series of matches.

Individual talent and focused effort contributed to her overall achievement. She was able to outplay her opponents and dominated the competition. Pearson Lanka’s Sumudu ‘Meduza’ Shashikala secured the second place, while Third Space Global’s Keerthana ‘KEERTHANA’ Krishnakumar took the third place. Both players put up great resistance but ultimately fell short against the dominance of the champion from WSO2.

This victory is a huge accomplishment for the sport and a testament to the growing strength of women in the competitive gaming scene. It serves as an inspiration for other women to pursue their passions in competitive Esports.